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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Fest, A Party, A Spa and Vegas

This post is about all of the fun things LA Kings Sled Hockey has been doing lately. September has been a good month for us.

But first, let's talk about October. Specifically, let's talk about October 3 and 5. That is when the LA Kings Sled Hockey Team is hosting the Colorado Avs Sled Hockey Team in Las Vegas.

This is part of Frozen Fury, the pre-season game the Kings and the Colorado Avalanche always play against each other in Las Vegas.

The game on October 3 is at the MGM Grand Garden Arena at 7PM and the game on the 5th is at Sobe Ice Arena in North Las Vegas at 10:30 AM.

If you are going to Frozen Fury, please come out to one or both of our games. It will be fun to have fans cheer, and even if you have other plans for Friday night, the sled hockey game is about an hour long, so when it's over the night will still be young. You'll have plenty of time to do other things afterward.

Above is the flyer for our sled hockey game. Print it out and take it to Vegas with you (or save it on your phone) so you don't forget when and where the sled hockey game is. Also, spread it around to friends, family, and other hockey fans who you know and meet in Vegas.


Next, the spa...

We are selling passes to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona.

We sold these last year and they were a big success. Many people loved them. Guess what?! They're Baaack.

The passes are $40 each and that pays for admission. Without the passes, Glen Ivy costs $46 for admission on Tuesday-Thursday and $64 on Friday-Monday, so no matter what day you choose to go, it's a discount. The passes are good for any day Glen Ivy is open.

The passes get you in the door and you can use all the mineral pools, heated pools, hot tubs, etc. You also get to go to "Club Mud" and the saunas, as well as all the classes they're having that day (water aerobics, Tai Chi, etc.).

Food and drinks are extra, as well as massages and other spa treatments.

The passes are good through June 1, 2015, so think ahead. They're great for Christmas and birthday gifts.

The best part is that Glen Ivy donated the passes to us so 100% of the $40 goes directly to sled hockey. You can have a relaxing day at Glen Ivy, get all of your holiday shopping done, and support sled hockey all in one fell swoop. How cool is that?

For more information on Glen Ivy Hot Springs, click here. 

To purchase passes, send an e-mail to You can pay by PayPal or check, and if you can meet up with a sled hockey player, you can even pay with cash.


Now for more fun, let's talk about all the wonderful things the Kings have done for LA Kings Sled Hockey.

On September 13, the sled hockey team did the 5K Hydrocephalus Association walk in Redondo Beach to help raise money and awareness for hydrocephalus. Several LA Kings Sled Hockey members have hydrocephalus, so it is something that is near and dear to our hearts. The team raised $585 to be donated to the Hydrocephalus Association.

Some of our team members and friends with Adam Cracknell of the Kings.

Team members with Kings Mascot Bailey at the 5K.

We didn't get to meet all of them, but several members of the LA Kings were at the 5K walking with us and raising money for hydrocephalus. 

The start of the walk.

At the walk. The guy with the dog waaaay up front is Anze Kopitar.

They gave some of our team members a commemorative puck from the Kings and Daryl Evans.

On September 14, members of the LA Kings Sled Hockey Team played a demo game at LA Kings Hockey Fest at Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo. We played a standing in-house team that we put in hockey sleds. They were good sports, especially since they were no match for our team. We beat them easily, 5-0.

Kyle Clifford and Alec Martinez of the Kings were the guest coaches of the sled hockey game. One person asked Alec Martinez what words of wisdom he gave to the team during the game. He pointed to the athletes and said, "Do they look like they need motivation?"

Alec Martinez "coaching" the sled hockey players.

This picture shows both Alec Martinez (climbing over the wall) and Kyle Clifford (with knee up) on the sled hockey bench.

Ken Freeman played his first sled hockey game and did well. He's a big Kings fan, as you can see.

Zach going for the puck.

Setting up for a goal...

Darlene in the slot, scores. Also note we had one of our youth players in this game, since it was a demo.

Darlene, her son Daniel, and Coach Andrew.

The ending score.
Finally, On September 25, the LA Kings gave the sled hockey team our own special time with the Stanley Cup. All athletes in our program were invited, and though several could not come because of work obligations, we had quite a few athletes and guests there. We also auctioned off some spots at our Stanley Cup party to raise money for sled hockey. People bought raffle tickets for $5 each, and we had three winners who were each able to bring a guest. The raffle raised over $700 for our team.

People brought donuts, cookies, sodas, and other snacks for our party. Oh, and the Stanley Cup is in this shot, of course.

Our team and the Cup.

The Jenkins Family and the Cup.

It was a great time for socializing and just letting some steam off.

Our goalie Brian with the Cup.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Support Your Sled Hockey Team!

Wow! Without missing a beat, it's hockey season again and things are heating up for the LA Kings Sled Hockey team. We have a lot on the agenda for the near future. I want to highlight three events.

1. Our time with the Stanley Cup is on September 25. Yes, you read that right. The team has 50 minutes with the Stanley Cup. This should be a fun time for all on the team.

Jealous? Of course, you can purchase a raffle ticket to join us. Find out more about how to join us here:


2. Hydrocephalus Walk- On September 13, the LA Kings Sled Hockey Team will walk and roll for the Walk for Hydrocephalus. To find out about the team, hydrocephalus (which at least 6 members of the LA Kings Sled Hockey Team have), click here.  It's a time for the sled hockey players to give back to the community while raising awareness of an incurable condition a million Americans have but hardly anyone knows about.


2. HockeyFest- September 14. The combined youth and adult teams of the LA Kings Sled Hockey team will be playing a sled hockey demo game at Toyota Sports Center from 11-noon at the Olympic Rink during LA Kings Hockey Fest. Alec Martinez and Kyle Clifford will the the guest coaches. The team we are playing is a hodge podge of standing hockey players from in-house teams at TSC. They will play in sleds.

For information about HockeyFest, click here. It is a sold-out event at this point, but if you are going, be sure to stop by and watch your sled hockey team.


3. Frozen Fury. This is an annual pre-season game between the Kings and the Colorado Avs played at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Guess what? The LA Kings have a sled hockey team and the Colorado Avs have a sled hockey team. They will be playing each other at 7PM on Friday night, October 3 at the MGM Grand. The the big clubs of the Kings and Avs are playing each other on Saturday night. If you are going to Frozen Fury, please come out on Friday night and cheer on your sled hockey team. I am pretty sure the sled hockey game will be free.

The Kings and Avs sled hockey teams will also play each other on Sunday, October 5 at 10:30 at Sobe Ice Arena in Las Vegas.

So, come out and support your sled hockey team at these important events.