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Monday, July 20, 2015

Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Sled Hockey Player

LA Kings Sled Hockey had a great season, including hosting the South Korean National Development team, hosting another successful Sleds and Soldiers, going to the Disabled Hockey Festival in Buffalo, NY, and many other really great events.

On May 15, 2015, another noteworthy thing happened-- David Letterman's last show was aired. His last Top Ten list was given. In the spirit of this, I present to you.....

Top ten signs you might be a sled hockey player

10. You have incredible upper body and core strength

9. You like to hit people.

8. You carry a variety of allen wrenches with you everywhere you go.

7. You consider your teammates part of your dysfunctional family.

6. You dream of ice.

5. Your elbow pads wear out as quickly as your gloves.

4. The smell of hockey gear isn't that offensive to you.

3. You know which rinks have the best coffee.

2. You have spent considerable time explaining teeing to a ref.

1. You lose the puck under your sled at least once per practice.