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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ventura County Clinic Set for January

Great news!

The Ventura County branch of SoCal Sled Hockey is planning a free clinic on January 28 at the Channel Islands Ice Center in Oxnard.

It all started when Nicholas Jenkins, the kid who started the Riverside team, auditioned for a role in a television show.  He didn't get the part.  Didn't even get a call back.  Still, he was excited that Brock Waidmann, a kid who has spina bifida just like him, got the part.

Brock taking a second to pose for a picture after 
falling over on a hockey sled.  

Nick's dad contacted Brock and invited him out to the September 4 SoCal Sled Hockey clinic.  Brock and his mom, Rhonda, came out, along with his three brothers.  They fell in love with the sport.

Brock in light gray, with his two brothers, playing sled hockey

Nick in the red helmet, with Brock in the light 
gray at the September 4 clinic in Riverside.

Still, living in Ventura County, the family was realistic in their assessment of the program.  It was fun, but way too far for them to drive for regular practices and games.

The family took the bull by the horns and decided to start a team closer to them.  Their first choice was the ice rink in Oxnard, and the people at the ice rink have been very supportive of adopting a sled hockey team.

Recently, the rink added the sled hockey team as a component of its hockey program, the Junior Riptides.  Now, people in Southern California have two choices for sled hockey: Riverside and Oxnard.

Plan to come out to the Channel Islands Ice Center on January 28 to help kick-off and celebrate the new team!  More details about time and clinicians to follow...

Map and directions to the ice rink in Oxnard.

Rhonda and Mel Waidmann, the team mom and dad of the 
Ventura County branch of SoCal Sled Hockey.  

For more information about the the clinic, you can contact the team at and/or check out their event page on Facebook here.  

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