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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Try Sled Hockey for Free!

Remember these two dates.  In fact, stop what you are doing right now and circle them in red on your calendar. Are you ready?  Do you have your red pen and calendar handy?  Here they are:

January 28
January 29

So, what's so big about those two dates?

January 28 is the free sled hockey clinic at Channel Islands Ice Center in Oxnard.  Check in starts at 12:30, and ice time is from 1:15-3:15.  This is the very first clinic of Ventura County Sled Hockey.  The Junior Riptide Sled Team will be practicing there.  For more information, contact  For directions, the address and map is on the right of this page.

January 29 is the free sled hockey clinic at Bakersfield Ice Sports Center.  For more information, contact  For directions, the address and map is on the right of this page.

In both cases, this is a good opportunity for you to try out sled hockey if you never have.  It's also a good time for you to work with some National Team members who will be out at the clinics.  USA Hockey is sending out 24 loaner sleds for both events, and we'll have helmets and pads for you to borrow.

For the most part, people who come out to clinics are beginners who have either never tried sled hockey before, or have tried it only once or twice.  If you are scared because you are a beginner and you don't want to make a fool of yourself, there is no need to worry.  You will be among plenty of other beginners, and you won't be the person who is the worst on the sled.

If you can't make it, please pass the info along to people you know who live within a reasonable driving distance to the clinics.  If you can make it, bring a friend.

Also, if you can volunteer or know people who might volunteer, both clinics could use some on-ice volunteers to help push some of the hockey players who are having difficulty getting the hang of propelling themselves on the ice.  In addition, off-ice volunteers are greatly appreciated as well.  People will be needed to man the sign-in table and help athletes get their equipment on, get in the sleds, and get out on the ice.

In Other News

The Junior Reign Sled Team had its first practice on January 9, and the next practices will be January 23 and February 6 at Icetown in Riverside.  For more information, contact

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