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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday ... Tuesday ... Tuesday!

The Junior Reign sled hockey team is moving its practices to Tuesday nights starting April 16.  Practices will now start at 7:20.  Ice time is 7:40-8:40.

We need your help.  Yes, you.  We need you to help publicize the team...get the word out.  You have friends.  You have family.  You have neighbors.  You have coworkers.  You have people you know that we simply do not know.  You can help by inviting people to practice.

In fact, I challenge you to make it your goal to get one new athlete to a practice sometime this Spring.  You have almost 3 months before Spring is over, but don't delay.

Challenge: Get a new athlete to try sled hockey sometime between now and June 21.

You might have to invite someone more than once.  Advertisers say that a person has to be exposed to an ad several times before it takes effect.  Some say it takes 3 exposures before a person remembers the ad, some say 5, some say 7, and some say as many as 14.

I don't expect you to make a pest of yourself.  I'm just saying that you might want to give a person a physical flyer, and maybe remind the person over Facebook or Twitter about practice.  Then, you  might want to ask the person if he or she made it to practice.  If the person says, "No," maybe you want to give another flyer, or send one electronically.

I recognize that not everyone will be interested in sled hockey.  Some people are more inclined toward other hobbies, and some people think sled hockey would be great someday, but they are too busy now.  I understand that.

However, there are people out there who would love sled hockey, and all they need is a push from you to get themselves to a practice and try it out.

Remember: the first time they try sled hockey, it's free.

Below is a flyer you can right click and save if you wish.  It will print out nicely with a black and white printer (saves you money), and if you wish to photocopy it and leave a stack in your physical therapist's office or on the counter of your local gym, let me know and I'll send you a .PDF of the flyer so you can photocopy it easier.

Either way, don't forget to be at practice on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:20.


FYI: If you've been to practice lately, have you seen the new signs on the rink?  Pretty cool!  Don't miss the turn because you were looking for the old sign.  The new sign has the new LA Kings Icetown logo on it.  

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